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ASA Rules to followed with the exception of the following changes/additions

Game last 1.5 hours, or six innings.   No new inning after 1.5 hour from start time.

All players on roster, all players bat.


Unlimited defensive substitutions


10 Batters/6 runs/3 outs ends an inning


Pitcher is required to wear fielders mask


Batter to wear helmet with facemask


Pitchers are required to begin with their back foot on the mound before executing the pitch. Pitching will be done from the K position. 

 Dropped third strike will not be implemented in this league. 

Pitcher to attempt four (4) pitches. If no ball is put in play, COACH is inserted to pitch, the coach is in play, same as umpire.

Coach pitches three (3) pitches.  Pitch count carries over, strikes out permitted, but no walks.  Third pitch is last pitch and batter is

out if ball not put in play.

Last two games of the year, NO COACH PITCH IS PERMITTED. Traditional pitch count is in effect

Walks will be permitted.  


Runners may continue to advance until ball is in pitcher control and within the mound circle

Over throw rule is in effect, provided does not go out of play.


Runs can only be scored upon a batted ball.


Extra base advance permitted.  


Stealing is permitted.  No stealing home on passed ball. 


No leading off.  Runner may leave base upon ball leaving pitchers hand. 

ASA sanctioned bats only


Batter may attempt advance to first base on dropped 3rd strike.


Bunting is PERMITTED


Sliding is required on any close play.   Reasonable attempt to slide must be attempted, or runner is out.

35 Mound/60 base path distances to be used.


No infield fly rule enforcement


Game can start with 8 players


Home team is responsible for scorebook.  Home team is to coordinate with visiting team.

Score will be kept.  Winning team to report scores to WYB. 






RAIN LINE 614 786 7366