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  • All players roster must play.
  • Pitcher position is for fielding ONLY.
  • Catcher is permitted if needed.  MUST WEAR BATTING HELMET WITH FACEMASK. 
  • Batters are required to wear helmets with attached facemasks only. 
  • Only one base advancement at a time per hit. 
  • Overthrow rule is NOT in effect.
  • No stealing or leading off. 
  • All players will participate defensively. 
  • All players will bat each inning. Innings will end with the last batter.   
  • Helmets to be maintained on by runners on bases. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • ON deck batters to remain behind fence.
  • OUTS will NOT be counted. Players may remain on base if out is obtained. 
  •  Last two games of season, OUTS WILL BE USED. 
  • Coach Pitch will be used for last two games.  Three pitches from Coach will be attempted. If ball is not put into play tee will be brought out.  
  • Score will NOT be officially kept, except for last two games (for fun). 
  • Placement of players in field is at coaches discretion.
  • Positions must be rotated every inning.
  • One hour time game limit.

REMEMBER: We all make mistakes and we're all human. Arguing, fighting, or disrespectful behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and we have the right to ask a parent, player, attendee, or volunteer to leave the game.  The rules are set and will be followed by each team and its membership. If such behavior continues, the violators may be removed from the league for the season. WE ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN! 

  • WPRD RAIN LINE is 614 786 7366